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THEMA: Most Important Tips for Packing Liquids

Most Important Tips for Packing Liquids 6 Monate 2 Wochen her #547

The process of Packing is not an easy task by any means ensuring all items are securely stored and packed is a daunting task and some of the most difficult things to pack are liquids. Shifting each and everything in your possession safe and secure to the next destination is really a tough task and when you are supposed to take liquids along with you then the process is really very difficult. You just can’t ever be too sure that the liquids won’t leak or burst open to ruin your belongings. Avoiding packing of liquids is not the solution because many a times we have such liquid products that are important for us to carry to the next destination. We are mentioning packing tips of liquid products that would surely help you out.

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• Like any other kind of moving, you are supposed to gather packing supply for liquid packing too. It may include zip bags, tape etc.
• Once you have adequate materials then you are supposed to collect your liquid and gel bottles like shampoos, lotions, cleaning supplies, etc. and sort them. It is suggested that you should only take the ones that are absolutely necessary. If possible, try to pick small bottles. If you’ve combined liquids into recycled bottles be sure to label the bottles to prevent confusion.
• Checking about the damages in bottle at the early stage of move is necessary. Doing so, you can protect your things from unwanted losses.
• You are suggested to take the smaller bottles and tubes first. Pick all the small bottles and tubes like toothpaste, cosmetic liquids, nail polishes, small perfume bottles, etc. that can fit into your ziploc bags. Keep them inside Ziploc bags and close the bags. This is necessary to avoid the leakage of the products and in case they do it will be inside the ziploc bag only.
• There is one golden rule of packing liquid items. You are supposed to pack small things in small bag and then put it at the big one. Doing so will secure the things.
• As the golden rule of packing says pack the heavier items first. Clearly mark the boxes or plastic containers with the wording “This Side Up” to communicate to your packers and movers.
• Sealing the cap of liquid boxes is another important responsibility on your part. Try wrapping the top part of the bottle with a small layer of saran wrap, before you screw the cap on and then place it in a plastic bag.
• Evenly pack liquid bottles. Try not to mush tubes and plastic bottles amongst other stuff to prevent the risk of squeezing and bursting.
• For much safety you can store the liquids with rough clothes or towels. Wrap bottles lightly with old towels or sheets. That way, if the liquid leaks, the cloth takes most of the moisture.

So, these are the most useful tips that you can implement for packing your liquid items while moving. Hiring packers and movers for adequate shifting is a great way out for you to meet with the expectation of the process, but in case you want to undergo a safe move by your own then definitely these tips are going to help you a lot.
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